Terms & Conditions


Ø  How to use our site

o   In order to use our site, you will have to understand that the registration is a fundamental part of the process. You will have to agree to our email communication and for that you will have to sign in through your email address in order to get registered.  In order to receive a confirmation, you must allow us to send you email in the first place.

Ø  Am I a Member?

o   To confirm that you are a member or not, first of all consider our age limits. We accept members that are 18 years of age and above. Authentic information is very important if you aim at maintaining your membership. For the reasons, consider your accurate age and along with it , you must have authentic information for your credit card as long as you want to remain a member on our site.

Ø  You can’t just Bid

o   The bid is a matter of responsibility as you cannot bid if you feel like it. The person who is asking to place a bid must understand that it is a contract and the person is responsible for paying for it. If in any case, you feel that you are not able to pay the amount, then don’t bid in the auction.

Ø  How can you check the items?

o   Item descriptions are given on our website so that one can check and easily gather an image about it. While you are placing a bid, you have every right to check the product. This is possible if you make a client request for checking the item. Our site has items that are majorly antique or are used before. We appreciate our client satisfaction; therefore we offer them item descriptions as well.

Ø  How to pay for the items

o   For the sake of payment, there is an online transition auto-debit system for paying for the items. A valid credit card number needs to be on file of our website. From the given information, the company has the right to transit the amount of the items and along with it other premium costumer taxes, transportation and delivery charges as well. Therefore, it is advised to use valid credit card information so that the delivery can be done successfully.

Ø  Additional payments

o   An 18% will be added to all the premium buyers’ account. Also there will be additional taxes as per the lawsuits of different areas.  Tax exempt buyers must submit their tax exempt certificate before buying something from the auction. It is essential that the name and the information given on your tax exempt certificate must be the same as your information on the profile.

Ø  Retention of Credit Cards

o   By providing your date to the company, you are giving right to us to charge you for the items along with the taxes. If my any means you are not able to pay for the price for the item, then the company has the right to charge your debit/credit card for the item along with the other regional taxes.

Ø  How to get your item

o   It is to announce that the company does not offer shipping or packing services. There is a designated location from where the buyer has to get his items. A specific time limit is given to get the item from the company. One must understand that after winning the bid, one has a very limited time period to get the item from the designated location. However, if after winning the bid, if you feel that you will not be able to pay then you will have to inform us within the time limit of 24 hours before the delivery date so that arrangements are made for it. The company charges start for 5$ and it can extend up to 100$ as well.

o   Those who will take more than the given time limit will have to pay 10$ per day for maintaining their item at the company warehouse.

Ø  Forfeiture your item

o   One must understand that the items that you buy from the education cannot come in your complete possession unless you have not cleared your payment completely. A time limit of 22 days is given by the company and after these days the item is subjected to be returning back to the company. The auction has every right to resell it and also to place it for some charity of their own choice.

o   Even if you have not cleared your past charges, your membership will also be forfeited. The company will have the right to charge you for the items as well if you are not paying the amount on time.

Ø  Limitations

o   One cannot use the data of the site for any purpose, it is only when you are given a proper go ahead from the laws and regulations of the site, and you can use the content. The data of the site cannot be used, nor can one use reverse engines to do so. Also if one has the need to use the data then the company has to get informed beforehand. Also severe actions can be taken if any information of the site is used or misused by the users. The buyers account is strictly confidential to the buyers only.