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TradeRewards Liquidation prides itself on your LIQUIDATION NEEDS with the most comprehensive variety of services to maximize your return. Whether it is just one item, an entire estate or a business, personalized service is guaranteed.

Call us for a FREE consultation. Whether your situation is EMOTIONAL or FINANCIAL, we will consider all facets in our services. Our approach will be stress free and profitable for you.

What Makes Us Different?

Experience. Our experience is your road map to recovery.


TradeRewards maintains many professional relationships. We can make confident referrals and team up with trusties, real estate agents, family planners, entrepreneurs, personal coaches, decorators and business buyers.


We have extensive experience in gorilla internet marketing, Our international team will brand the site and target your location for maximum exposure. All clients will receive maximum exposure in their local markets. Using these creative marketing efforts our prices will bring 20 - 50% more than our competitors.


Our appraisers are certified by AAA, ASA and NEA. With over 90 years of experiences we can value your assets where most companies will miss.


For sellers, TradeRewards Liquidations handles all aspects of your downsizing sale, estate sale, relocation sale or business liquidation.We believe contents shouldn’t cause you stress when downsizing, settling an estate or clearing excess business inventory. TradeRewards Liquidations believes that sellers should not have to be a technology expert, marketing expert or logistics expert in order to sell their goods. Sellers should not have to face dead-ends or safety problems when trying to deal with their items, or receive unfair item values due to lack of product or pricing knowledge. When you have complete or partial household or business contents, TradeRewards Liquidations offers you the easiest, most efficient and proven way to sell goods through our online auction service.


For buyers, TradeRewards Liquidations is a great way to find unique items near you at a great price.  We are a local antique auction on your computer or smart phone that offers you a chance to buy early, vintage and unique items including art, sterling silver, tools, vehicles, outdoor items and even modern items! Items from each online auction comes from a single household collected and cherished by the family over several decades, which now needs to be cleared due to a downsize, estate or relocation. We hope you treasure (or give the goods a new life by re-purposing and up-cycling) just as much as their past owners did.


In just under two weeks from start to end, TradeRewards will liquidate your business or estate.  Giving us access to your premises only twice, we are fast, easy and sell practically everything.

What can TradeRewards Liquidations sell?
Practically everything and anything has a value can be sold through TradeRewards Liquidations. 
How much does It cost?
Traderewards Liquidations commission on each "lot" is 30% There is no upfront fee. The commission covers everything including cataloging, photography, marketing, online auction, preview, invoicing buyers, collection of payments, paying local taxes, supervising pickup, payment to seller and final report on all sales. Some sellers request preparation or clean up assistance which are at an additional cost.  
What about reserves or minimum bid?
All bids start at $1.00.  No reserve or minimum bid.  This design ensures success by taking advatage of auction psychology.
What is the proccess?
1 - Preparation - Items need to be sorted. Lots should be complete sets and a manageable value of at least $30.
2 - Cataloging - TradeRewards Liquidations staff will come to your location to photograph and describe each lot. An auction of 150 to 300 items can take up two days so TradeRewards Liquidations may need additonal access to your location.
3 - Review - Once cataloging is over the descriptions and photos will be uploaded.  We may request your review so that we factually advertise your lot.
4 - Auction Open - TradeRewards Liquidations will inform registered users and will gorilla promote your sale.
5 - Auction Close - Typically the auction DRAMA begins the last 15 minutes of the auction.  People are looking for a deal so they tend to sit and watch until the last 15 minutes then begin bidding.  Proxy bids are also taken. Once the auction is closed, TradeRewards Liquidations charges the winning buyer the final bidding amount.
6 - Pick Up - All completed TradeRewards Liquidations auctions are pre-determined with approved pick up times. Only successful winners/bidders will be able to pick up.